Author: Md. Delwar Hossain

He has 11 years of experience in developing standalone software and web applications for multiple database platforms. He has been passionate about new tools and technologies. He is positive and trustworthy. He is capable to learn and adapt quickly to different situations. He is a great team player and enjoys leading and mentoring. He is specialized in architecting and building complex web and mobile application. He has strong skills to automate POS, inventory, supply chain, trading export/ import, human resource management, manufacturing and production, distribution management system and hospital management system.

Mongodb Full Text Search

MongoDB Full Text Search MondodDB full text search is used to search text content. Text Search uses Text Index and $text operator to perform its operation. Why we need Full Text Search First, we need to know why and when…

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Mongodb Map-Reduce

Mongodb Map-Reduce Map-reduce is a data processing paradigm for condensing large volumes of data into useful aggregated results. In this map-reduce operation, MongoDB applies the map phase to each input document (i.e. the documents in the collection that…

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